We Want to hear from you!

We Want to hear from you!

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Rebecca McWilliams for State Rep - Merrimack 27

192 Silk Farm Road

Concord, NH 03301 US

(603) 228-6230

Here are some examples on how you can support Rebecca by volunteering:

1. Put up a political yard sign,

​2. Host a meet and greet,

3. Help out at a mail party,

4. Fundraising,

5. Door to door campaigning,

6. Election Day: holding signs, giving rides, event setup... or let us know what you would like to do to help!

By deciding to volunteer, you will be encouraging your fellow Concord citizens to vote and make this a successful election. 


                Join Our Team! lets make a difference together               

Please contact us to voice your opinion, host a yard sign, host a meet and greet, or volunteer with our team. Your participation helps support Rebecca by taking an active role in the campaign.

​Let us know how you feel, and what matters to you, so together we can make a difference!