Rebecca McWilliams for State Rep


Kindergarten Funding State School


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Rebecca McWilliams

for Merrimack 27

Concord Wards 1 2 3 4 6 & 7


Primary Vote Tuesday 9/11

General Election Tuesday 11/6


Rebecca McWilliams for State Rep

Support Family Medicare Leave Act

Anti Right To Work

Anti-Poll Tax On College Students

  • Protect women's healthcare
  • Pass Paid Family and Medical Leave
  • Address escalating childcare costs
  • Fund full-day kindergarten state-wide  
  • Better align in-state collage tuition with cost of neighboring states
  • Track opioid abuse funding and target mental health solutions
  • Attract new, talented people to start businesses and families in Concord
  • Reverse $100M in unnecessary tax cuts of NH corporations
  • Incentivize renewable energy in NH
  • Prevent 2019 poll tax for voters

Additional Topics Rebecca cares about

 I'm running because the political news this past year has made me an activist. My family owns and runs Lewis Farm in Concord, I am no stranger to hard work. I want my children to have great opportunities growing up in Concord.

 As a mother of two and a business owner, I know how to get things done. I believe we can balance the state budget without putting the funding burden on the backs of the middle class through more property taxes. My view is that it is necessary and important to secure the funds for a project before committing. I serve as a member of the Concord Transportation Policy Advisory Committee. I have over 20 years experience managing construction projects, negotiating contracts and resolving complex financial challenges. As an architect and attorney I am an expert in collaborating and negotiating with people of many backgrounds.

 I will focus on solving problems; like a long-term statewide plan to treat opiate addiction, funding full-day kindergarten, sustainable state healthcare funding and a dedicated infrastructure project approach. I believe in better environmental regulation to prevent water contamination and cancer clusters, and I am firmly against Northern Pass.

 Our legislature is more polarized than it has been for more than 100 years. I am comfortable reaching across the aisle to solve our pressing state issues. 

​If you are looking for a progressive candidate that cares about quality of life, constituent services, and making Concord a great place to live and work, the buck stops here: I won't let you down.


Rebecca McWilliams

for Merrimack 27

Concord Wards 1 2 3 4 6 & 7